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Old Rick News : 1998 / 1999 / 2000

12/31: Our sincere condolences to the Mast family.  Rick's Mom, Helen Mast, passed away at 5:15 this evening following an illness.
Our thoughts and prayers are with them during this difficult time.

12/21: UNOS has been named as one of three charity affiliates to      NASCAR’s number 90 car for the 2002 racing season.  The number 90 car features the first ever NASCAR “All-Virginia” combination of
driver (Rick Mast), owner (Junie Donlavey, of Swansboro Motor
Company) and sponsor (C.F. Sauer Company). Press Release

12/19: Congratulations! To Jimmy White and Rea McLeroy who were married yesterday at The Little Church of the West in Las Vegas.  Jimmy, as you well know, is the provider of many quotes and news items on  He works for Camp & Associates, Inc.  Rea is a journalist who works for the Times Dispatch.  Over the past three plus years, Rea has been responsible for many of the articles about Rick we link to.  We wish them all the best!

Our apologizes to Roger Bear and Governor Gilmore, in our haste to get the photos on line we miss labeled photo #6 as Governor Gilmore when in fact it was Mr. Bear CEO of Keystone Marketing who was Master of Ceremonies in Richmond on the 12th.

12/14: BIG thank you to Sharon Mast and Jimmy at Keystone Marketing for getting us hooked up with the photos!  We've got (11) online... enjoy... Wallpapers to follow? Photos

From Winston Cup Racing Wives Auxiliary newsletter...
We're "spreading" the news......about Duke's Mayonnaise

The Winston Cup Racing Wives Auxiliary and C.F. Sauer Company, manufacturer of Duke's Mayonnaise, have teamed up together in
a unique project to hit the shelves in 2002! Proceeds from this national campaign will benefit the Winston Cup Racing Wives
Auxiliary Trust and the Victory Junction Gang Camp. 

Over 25 Winston Cup Racing Wives have agreed to participate using their likeness and favorite recipe to be featured on the Duke's
Mayonnaise labels.

12/13: NASCAR team has Virginia flavor from the Times-Dispatch by Rea McLeroy.

12/12:Sauer, Swansboro to Team for Winston Cup 2002 Season

Mast Announces Decision For 2002 from the Lexington News Gazette....same info as the press release, but with a great Ronnie Coffey photo

It's an all-state team for Donlavey - Mast, Sauer to join area-based ownerfrom the Times-Dispatch by Rea McLeroy

Reports of Donlavey Racing's death greatly exaggerated from the Sports Network

12/11: 2002 Paint Scheme?  For those who don't read the message board... didn't want anyone to miss this one! thanks to dink...

 11/28: Mast Ends Season In New Hampshire By Chris Floyd of The Lexington News Gazette

11/26: Donlavey Discusses Suit With Sponsor, Conflict with Driver, Owner, And Sponsor Impacted Season from

11/23: New Hampshire: Starting Lineup, Race Results

11/16: Atlanta: Practice, Qualifying Results

Rick Mast Qualifying Quotes:
"We definitely went the right way with the car.  We struggled big time in practice and we never did get the car working right.  We changed around a good bit to qualify and that's probably a half a second quicker than we've ran, or more, but it's till not enough.  We kind of went the right direction a little bit but something is still holding the car back.  I'm not sure what it was.  We'll see how it goes." 
"Not the way the car feels right now, no.  We don't have something right yet and I'm not sure what it is.  Hopefully you can get in the race and you get time to practice to try to figure out whatever is going on here holding you back.  We'll just have to see."

11/15: Mast Is All Set For Next Season - Chris Floyd : Mast also received some good news recently. For the first time in three years,
he will end the season knowing exactly where he will be next year.

11/11: Homestead: Race Results

11/10: Homestead: Happy Hour

Rick Mast Quotes:
"That was the quickest lap that we ran all day.  We were off on our chassis.  We unloaded and we weren't that bad, we were like 30th or 32nd, then we got to working with it and actually made the car worse.  At the end of practice, we really got bad so we put the car back the way (it was when) we unloaded plus a couple of other changes.  We went in the right direction; we just didn't go enough.  I'm happy that's the quickest lap that we've run, but we need a little more."
"I don't know.  I didn't use that as an excuse at Phoenix.  We went out early and some guys beat us toward the end.  I didn't use that as an excuse there so I'm not going to use it here."

Mast Miami Update from Jimmy White:
Just wanted to let everyone know that Rick is fine following an accident during the first round of practice this morning at Homestead.  He cut a tire going into turn one and slapped the outside wall, heavily damaging his Ford.  Mast will use a backup car and start at the rear of the field in Sunday's Pennzoil 400. 
As usual, thank you for keeping us informed!

11/9: Homestead: Practice, Qualifying Results, Starting Lineup

11/3: More Info On Rockingham:  During practice, they had some problems with the steering.  Eventually, the steering box was changed, but that takes a while and ate up a lot of their practice time.

11/2: Rockingham: Practice, Qualifying Results and Starting Lineup

Rick Mast Rockingham Post Qualifying Quotes: "We kind of struggled all day with it.  We never did get it handling just right.  I wish we had a little more time.  When it (practice) was over, we kind of felt like we sort of knew what we were doing wrong, but then we were too late to try and change it for qualifying.  I wish now that I had.  We going to try and get in this race and get 'em Sunday.
"The car was loose, real loose in the gas.  It was a little tight through the center (of the corner), but in the gas the car was a little bit loose and that's where I lost all my time."

10/28: Phoenix: Race Results

Rick Mast Post Race Quotes: "It wasn't bad.  We finished on the lead lap and kept working with the chassis.  We never did get it handling great; it was okay a couple of times and a couple of times it wasn't okay.  We kind of hung in there all day.  Most of the day the car was loose, just like all weekend.  We never could get it fixed all weekend."

10/27: Phoenix: AM Practice and Happy Hour...

Hills Brothers Bails out on Junie (and Rick)...Did we expect them to stay?  No Way!  Effective Immediately, Hills Bros Coffee Has Terminated Their Sponsorship Contract With Donleavy Racing Quotes from Junie from Jimmy White

10/26: Phoenix: Practice, Qualifying Order and Results ....Rick will start 27th his first time in the #90!  Let's celebrate!

Rick Mast Post Qualifying Quotes from Jimmy White
Thanks Jimmy!  I was just about to email you!  Bless you, you NEVER let us down!

10/23: It's Official!
Donlavey takes on Mast as Stricklin exits  from
"Two longtime Virginia stock car racers, NASCAR Winston Cup team owner Junie Donlavey and driver Rick Mast, have formed a pact to compete at this weekend’s Winston Cup event at Phoenix International Raceway. Donlavey hopes Mast is the key to the future. "Rick is the type of guy most anyone can get along with,” he said.“We don’t have a contract, but maybe it will help us come up with a sponsor and keep on going -- that was the only reason I did it.”..."

10/22: Word has it that Rick is in Richmond today to get fitted up in the #90.  He'll be in the car for the rest of the year!  This is being done to prepare for next year and make sure that things that are planned will work out.
We hear Hut is OK with the change, but we're not sure about Hills Brothers.  We'll see what happens over the next few days.
We expect more details tonight, so stay tuned to

Update: Not much more to report.  It sounds like things went well.  We're not sure if Hills Brothers will be on the car this week or if Philipe Lopez will be with the team, but Rick will be there.  Rick likes Phoenix.  Let's hope Phoenix is good to him!

10/20: Rick Mast Post Qualifying Quotes from Jimmy White

10/20: Another fine moment presented by NASCAR... Rick and the #91 team go and out qualify -7- other teams, including the #20, #31, #14 and the #01 all established well funded teams, winds up 38th fastest and has to load up and go home?  What's wrong with this picture?  Hello NASCAR anybody home?  The provisional system is a joke, out dated and no longer needed. Gordon, Jarrett, Rudd, Stewart etc. should face the same consequences as every other driver on Pole day... you don't perform you go home... period.  The 42 fastest cars should be racing on Sunday.  What it cost fans to go to a race the least they should get in return is a chance to see the best/fastest drivers on race day.  What about the 43rd starting spot?  Use it or Lose it,  who cares they only dreamed this one up when Ricky Craven was in the Bud car and failed to make a race at Phoenix a few years ago... couldn't have a BIG buck owner and a BIG buck sponsor going home... I guess.

10/19: Talladega: Practice, Qualifying Order, Qualifying/Lineup

Mast to drive No. 91 at Talladega from, we think that photo might be from Pocono

10/18: Talladega:  For Rick Mast, it's a new car that looks like it will be good, even though it hasn't been areodynamically tested, and a Yates motor under the hood that should be top notch.
We all know what our driver can do.  We hope that the car is race worthy, the crew is ready, and lady luck smiles on them.
Rick has to race his way in, so all that's left for us to do wish "Good Juju" to all concerned, throw in a load of laundry, and hope that good prevails.
We understand that Junie Donleavy will be Rick's crew chief.  Let's all hope that Rick's talent and Junie's grit and determination will get this car into the field.
A big "THANK YOU" to Mark Sauer and the C.F. Sauer Company for doing whatever is necessary to stay in racing with Rick.  We're all eating as much mayo as possible to show our support!

10/17: From Jayski's... Winston Cup team [#90] owner Junie Donlavey will field a second car for driver Rick Mast in the EA Sports 500 at Talladega Superspeedway. Mast will drive the #91 C.F. Sauer/BAMA Ford, a Richmond-based company that sponsored the #27 Pontiac for several Winston Cup events this season.  Donlavey received permission to use the #91 from Joe Falk, who owns the rights to use the number in Winston Cup events.(Keystone Marketing)

10/15: Martinsville by Jen Stasyshyn...more useless dribble for Rick's fans.

10/10: Should have posted before, but... we're a day late and a dollar short.
Here's the info from Jayski's...Rick Mast will practice and qualify the #29 GM Goodwrench Chevy for regular driver Kevin Harvick at Martinsville. Harvick will be in Memphis for the BGN race on Saturday. Harvick will drive the #29 Chevy in the race, but will have to fall to the back of the field before the start of the race.
Now I'll add...  that we were all confused until yesterday.  We talked to the Mast household Monday night and the deal still was up in the air.  When Sharon got the word, we were all asleep in our beds, so Tom and I didn't get the news until last night that Rick would be in the 29.  Humm we thought.  Our brains deduced that RCR would put Rick in the 31 car, since he's a great qualifier, the 31 needs to race it's way in and the 29 has provisionals to use.  Then, when we heard the news we reasoned that the deciding factor was rain.  If you have a great car that would be in the race no matter what, who would you rather have driving it, if your driver couldn't be there?  Rick Mast or Robbie Gordon?  We think that RCR is having Rick qualify the 29 in case of rain in Memphis.  We think Rick would do a much better job in that car than Robbie.  Either that or they are giving Robbie enough rope to hang himself.  Another missed race in a quality ride and the powers that be might see what Rick can do. Just our humble opinions...and you know what opinions are like.

10/07: Rumor : Rick is rumored to be driving the RCR #31 at Martinsville in a one race deal?... Jayski's.

Also : Rick Mast, who lost his Winston Cup ride when his Eel River Racing team folded last week, is testing the No. 31 Chevrolet this week for Richard Childress Racing at South Carolina's Greenville-Pickens Speedway, team officials confirmed... That's Racin'

10/05: Sad News... Blaise Alexander suffered fatal injuries in a crash with Kerry Earnhardt in last nights ARCA race at Charlotte.  Remember Blaise, his family and his friends in your prayers.

10/01: Official: The #27 Eel River team has shut down.  Rick will be going to Charlotte and is being fitted for a seat...??? stay tuned.

Mast has been rumored to be moving to Donlavey's team, but the driver said he hasn't made a decision. He could be driving this weekend, though. Mast is standing by for Dale Jarrett, who was knocked unconscious in a crash last weekend and might be unable to complete the 500-mile race at Concord, N.C. (Times Dispatch)

From Jayski's... #27 Done? hearing the Eel River Racing #27 Pontiac team has closed up shop and will not race anymore in 2001. No word on if it'll try in 2002. Rick Mast is rumored to the #90 Ford if Hut Stricklin follows the Hill Brothers Coffee sponsorship to a new ride and Sauer/Dukes Mayo could follow... what about the #96 and #33 teams?

09/28: Rick Mast Post Qualifying Quotes From Jimmy White

Kansas City: Starting Lineup

09/27: Kansas City: 1st Practice, 2nd Practice

09/23: Race Notebook From Winston-Salem Journal

09/20: Dover: Practice,Starting Lineup

09/19: In light of the recent tragedies, the 5th Annual Tia & Trey Dodson Memorial Athletic Scholarship Golf Classic has been cancelled.  From

09/14: A Tribute to America, by Leonard Pitts of the Miami Herald
I read this the other day and thought it was worth posting.  Hope you all agree. (Jen)

09/13: Race Postponed: NASCAR's Winston Cup race in New Hampshire on Sunday was postponed because of the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington. The move to put off the New Hampshire 300, announced by the speedway's owner, followed a decision by the NFL to scrap its games for this Sunday.  It has been reported that the race will be on Friday, November 23rd.  Email from

Rick Mast Quotes Regarding The Postponement Of The New Hampshire 300 From Jimmy White (Thank You Jimmy!)

09/12: New Hampshire Qualifying Cancelled: Activities scheduled for Friday, Sept. 14 at New Hampshire International Speedway, Loudon, N.H., for NASCAR.s Winston Cup Series have been cancelled, officials announced today. Qualifying for Sunday.s New Hampshire 300 was scheduled for Friday. The 43-car field for Sunday's New Hampshire 300 will be set according to the 2001 NASCAR Winston Cup Series rule book. "Our country has experienced a terrible tragedy today," said NASCAR.s President, Mike Helton. "All of the NASCAR community offers our sincerest sympathies to all those who have suffered  losses. We will continue to monitor and evaluate this situation and make the appropriate decisions as the week progresses." At this time, Saturday and Sunday track activities remain unchanged(NASCAR PR). (Jayski)

Mast's Race Cut Short In Richmond(News Gazette)

Rick Mast Raises $80,000 Plus For Clinic From Jimmy White

09/08: Richmond: Race Results

Rick Mast Richmond Quotes From Jimmy White

09/07: Richmond: Practice, Qualifying Results, Starting Lineup and Happy Hour.

08/31: Rick Mast Quotes About Richmond From Jimmy White

Rick Mast Post Qualifying Quotes From Jimmy White

Darlington:Practice and Starting Lineup

08/29: Rick Mast Classic Concert Event Features Prominent NASCAR Figures From The Rockbridge Weekly 

A re-post of our 07/28/01 news...
Rick Mast Golf Classic: Information and dates from Jimmy White.

Also, a re-post of our 08/22/01 news...
The Rick Mast Classic: The following drivers are scheduled to appear at the concert: Bobby Labonte, Ricky Rudd, Ken Schrader and, of course, Rick.  Scheduled to appear at the golf tournament with Rick are Robert Pressley, Jimmy Spencer, Barry Dodson, Kevin Lepage, Brett Bodine, Sterling Marlin, Benny Parsons and Brad Dougherty.  Hope to see you there!

08/28: Mast, Dodson Working Together to Build Foundation at Eel River
From Jimmy White

08/27: Back From Bristol!  And here are the updates:

Rick Mast Bristol Quotes From Jimmy White

Bristol: Practice, Qualifying Order, Qualifying Results, Starting Lineup, Happy Hour and Race Results

08/22: Some Tidbits:  We hear that ERR is building some new cars.  Also, Rick will be testing at Richmond this coming Monday and Tuesday.

The Rick Mast Classic: The following drivers are scheduled to appear at the concert: Bobby Labonte, Ricky Rudd, Ken Schrader and, of course, Rick.  Scheduled to appear at the golf tournament with Rick are Robert Pressley, Jimmy Spencer, Barry Dodson, Kevin Lepage, Brett Bodine, Sterling Marlin, Benny Parsons and Brad Dougherty.  Hope to see you there!

08/19: Michigan Race Results

08/18: Michigan: Practice, Happy Hour

08/17: Michigan: Practice,Qualifying Order and Starting Lineup

08/13: Hearing that Rick lost 2nd gear about 20 laps into the yesterday's race and was still able to bring the #27 home on the lead lap in 27th.

08/12: Rick finished 27th at Watkins Glen after starting 43rd... a good effortRace Results

08/11: Watkins Glen: PracticeandHappy Hour

08/10: Watkins Glen: PracticeandStarting Lineup

08/07: Sauer's Update: Just wanted to let you all know that the link to order Sauer's products online is working fine.  If you'd prefer to telephone your order, call 1-800-688-5676 ext. 226.  Carolyn will be happy to help you!

HOW WAS YOUR RUN?  "Not good.  We haven't been fast for two days. This is a car that we didn't come up here and test with, and we're just like a day behind.  Yesterday we were a day behind what we should have been.  We picked up today, but we're still a day behind where we needed to be.  In qualifying, the car was just extremely loose.  It was way, way too loose to try to run hard.  We kind of rolled the dice a little bit, but it wasn't to be."
Thanks Jimmy for the quote!

08/03: Indy: Practice Speeds

08/02: Sauer's Phone Number: Our own Maryann called Sauer's yesterday to find out about product availibility (and she plugged the site)!  They have an 800 number for product information and orders.  Make a note of it fans.  It's 1-800-688-5676.  You can also order online, or have a friend buy products for you and send them to you.  Thanks Maryann for mentioning and Stef for offering to get us the goods! 
I understand from Maryann that they've gotten a lot of calls from Rick's fans.  Thanks fans for showing your support.  Hopefully, they know how happy and loyal we all are.

08/01: Mast Inks Deal With Eel River Racing ...From The News-Gazette

Mast Signs With Eel River ....From

07/31: Rick Mast Joins Eel River Racing For Remainder of 2001 Winston Cup Season  By Jimmy White

Mast named driver of Eel River No. 27 Pontiacs... From That's Racin'

Bickle in the #50 at Indy, after that? Rick Mast and Midwest Transit Racing have parted ways. Mast was a valuable asset to our team. Mast wanted to compete in all the races this season and at this time we could not commit to that. The team is proud to have Rich Bickle driving for them at Indy in the Brickyard 400. With his experience and knowledge adding to the team, they expect to have a successful run at Indy. This is a one race deal with Bickle at this time. After Indy all will evaluate the race and hopefully put a program together with Bickle.......Jayski's

07/30: Official: Rick has been signed to drive the Eel River/Dukes Racing #27 Pontiac for the remainder of the 2001 season.

Rick Mast Signs With Eel River Racing: A Editorial By Jen Stasyshyn

SPARE PARTS: Rick Mast appears to be staying with the Eel River Racing team. After yesterday's race, crew chief Barry Dodson said it was exciting to have a talent such as Mast. . . . from Time Dispatch 7/30 Nascar Notes.

Winston Cup driver Rick Mast said he hopes to have his driving future cleared up early this week, but as of Saturday he still had just a one-race deal to run the # 27 Pontiacs of Eel River Racing... from That's Racin' and Jayski's.

07/28: NOTE to mastfans:  Rick recorded a spot for NASCAR This Morning that will be aired tomorrow (7/29) morning on FX/FSN... enjoy!

Pocono Wallpapers: 1st time out-Image#2-Image#3-Image#4-The Crew-The Man
To Set Wallpaper: Click link to the image you want. Then, after the image loads click on it  with your right mouse button and choose Set as Wallpaper. 
NOTE: Netscape & Explorer will save these jpg images as bmp's in your Windows dir (I mean folder) under the name "yourbrowser Wallpaper".  IF you want to have more than (1) image available as Wallpaper you'll need to re-name this file before you select another image.

Rick Mast Golf Classic: Information and dates from Jimmy White.
We met Jimmy at Pocono yesterday.  He's a great guy and what he's doing for Rick is wonderful!  All Mast Fans should thank their lucky stars for Jimmy! 

07/27: Pocono: Practice, Qualifying Results and Starting Lineup

07/25: Rick Mast will be at the Shop Rite in Wilkes-Barre, PA on Thursday 7/26 from 4:00-6:00 PM. It is about 40 minutes from PIR if anyone is going to the race.  From PIR-Take route 115 to Wilkes-Barre onto route 309. Take the Kidder Street exit. Thanks for the directions, Jim!

Robby Gordon back in No. 31; Mast an entry,too.  (That's Racin')

Mast To The No. 27 Car: Rick Mast will be in the No. 27 Eel River car for this weeks race at Pocono and is rumored to be in the car for the rest of the season. However, the owner of
the No. 50 Midwest team says that Mast has a contract with them until seasons
end.(Totally NASCAR 7-25-01)  This was in our Stock Car Fans newsletter.  Humm, we don't recall a contract being signed.

07/23: Pocono? No.  We hear that the MWT #50 is not on the entry list for Pocono.

07/22: GREAT RUN!  Rick and MWT team took advantage of today's yellow flags and made some good calls on pit strategy late in the race to finish a season's best 14th! 
Sundays like this aren't hard to take!  On to Pocono!
New Hampshire: New England 300 Results.

07/21: New Hampshire: Saturday AM Practice, Happy Hour

07/20: New Hampshire: Friday Practice, Qualifying Results and Starting Lineup

07/18: Happy Birthday to Greg Conner!  Saw a post on the MWT Board that it was Greg's birthday.  Our good wishes may be belated, but no less well meant.  All the best to you, Greg, from all of us at!

07/17: Indy Testing Speeds from (Thanks Hutch, I couldn't find the link)

Indy Testing Speeds for Tuesday from (Thanks again Hutch!)

07/15: Chicago: Race Results

07/14: Chicago: Saturday Practice Speeds

07/13: Chicago: Practice 1, Practice 2, Qualifying Results and Starting Lineup (like we care)

07/13: Nothing could be more of a compliment for us than to be mentioned in the same breath with Rick Mast.  Not only were we privy to this Best Buy Press Release, but was mentioned along with Rick.  Thanks to Patrick Collier for the email and the mention!

07/11: Testing at Indy: Rick is scheduled to test the MWT #50 at Indianapolis on Monday and Tuesday of next week.

#50 skips Chicago: Rick Mast said the #50 Midwest Transit/ team had
planned to test at Chicagoland last week, but couldn't and has decided not attempt this weekends Cup race at Chicagoland Speedway in favor of preparing for Indy by testing there sometime next week. Mast also feels that he and the team are ready to be competitive at the upcoming New Hampshire and Pocono venues(Racin' with Russ)....Quote from Stock Car Fans Newsletter and Jayski's

07/10: From Random Thoughts....

07/08: Daytona: Race Results

07/07: Rick Mast Post Qualifying Quotes From Jimmy White

Daytona: Happy Hour Speeds

07/06: Daytona: Practice, and Starting Lineup

06/29: Did you know?
For drivers that have competed in more than five races at Daytona International Speedway,
RICK MAST has completed more laps than any other driver in Winston Cup.  Mast has
completed 99.3 percent of his possible laps in 19 career Winston Cup starts.  An interesting stat from our friend, Jimmy White.

06/21: Mast Nominated For Man Of Year Award from The News-Gazette

06/19: Mast Nominated:
Rick Mast enjoys lending a helping hand to his neighbors in Rockbridge Baths, Va. In 1994, he took on the task of organizing the Rick Mast Classic, a golf tournament and country music concert fundraiser for the Rockbridge Area Free Clinic. It is because of his continued commitment to his community and the clinic that Mast received True Value's Man of the Year second quarter nomination.  True Value, the Official Hardware Store of NASCAR, is once again sponsoring the NASCAR True Value Man of the Year. The award is designed to honor a driver not only for their accomplishments on the track but for their community service contributions and charitable efforts. Mark Martin, driver of the No. 6
Pfizer/Viagra Ford, was the recipient of the first quarter nomination. Since Mast, driver of the No. 50 Chevrolet, began his involvement with the Rockbridge Area Free Clinic, fundraising efforts have reached nearly $300,000. In 2000 alone, Mast and his group of volunteers raised $60,000 for the clinic.  For the purpose of determining the NASCAR True Value Man of the Year Award winner, the NASCAR Winston Cup Series season has been divided into four quarters in which drivers are nominated for their off-track efforts. An elite group of panelists will select one of the four quarterly finalists to name the NASCAR True Value Man of the Year. This award will be presented at the NASCAR Winston Cup Series
banquet in New York City, along with a prize of $100,000. The prize will be divided evenly between the driver and the charity of his choice. In addition to the NASCAR True Value Man of the Year, True Value sponsors the Man of the Race Award, which goes to the eligible driver who wins each of the 36 NASCAR Winston Cup Series championship events. Each True Value Man of the Race Award winner receives $2,500 with an additional $2,500 going to the charity of his choice. The third-quarter nominee will be announced on August 20.(NASCAR PR)

06/18: Rick Mast Pocono Quotes  "The chassis was just off all day.  We just never could get the chassis to work loose.  We got it decent one time, but the rest of the day we were junk.  But we finished 22nd and we'll just take it and go on."

06/17:Pocono Results
Good run today by Rick and the MWT/ #50.  We had a respectable finish of 22nd.  They worked hard Friday and they worked hard Sunday.  A job well done!  We're proud of the effort of our driver and team today!

06/16: News regarding Sonoma: We were told Friday that Rick and MWT will not be going to California.  It is understandable with the difficult season they have been having this year.  The expense to travel there must be great and their resources would be better spent in other areas.  Try not to be too disappointed fans.  We think that this is the best decision considering their circumstances.  We would rather see them put their budget and effort into improving the car on an oval than on one of two road courses.

Pocono: Practice, Happy Hour...Ed Berrier practiced the MWT/ #50 for Rick today.  Rick was at home to celebrate his son Ricky's graduation.

Rick Mast Pocono Quotes From Jimmy White

06/15: Pocono: Practice, Qualifying Results and Starting Lineup
Great job Rick and MWT...and we were there to see it happen!

06/14: Mast Feels The Need For Speed Daytona International Speedway Thanks Hutch!

Rick Mast and the No. 50 MidWest Transit Chevrolet have made their two-day NASCAR Winston Cup Series test session at Daytona International Speedway in preparation for the 43rd annual Pepsi  400 on July 7 a worth while experience.  Mast, a native of Rockbridge Baths, Va., improved on the speeds that he turned during Speedweeks, posting laps in the 49.90-second range, which translates to 180.361 mph over the famed 2.5-mile tri-oval. During Daytona 500 qualifying in February, Mast turned a lap of 178.589 mph. (this link was not working as of 6am)

Mast pleased with testing : Rick Mast and the No. 50 Chevrolet completed a two-day NASCAR Winston Cup Series test session at Daytona International Speedway in preparation for the 43rd annual Pepsi 400 on July 7. Daytona Beach News Journal

Sport Bucks Bad Economy By Angelique Chengalis.  Rick is quoted in this article from June 8, 2001 in the Detroit News

06/11: Testing at Daytona: #50-Rick Mast and #49-Andy Hillenburg will test at Daytona
International Speedway from 3:00 to 11:00pm/et Tuesday and Wednesday. The grandstands will be open, admission is free to the public with access through
Daytona USA. StockCarFans Newsletter

NASCAR Is Shifting Gears by Liz Clarke from The Washington Post

Jen and I had a little surprise from Wateree waiting on our porch when we got home from work yesterday.  Upon opening the package the suprise was not as LITTLE as we first thought!  What we had was a box full autograph requests and letters for Rick dating back through 1999.  We are going through all the letters now and we'll do all we can to straighten this out.  We'll talk to Rick and come up with some sort of plan.

Rick Mast Charlotte Quotes from Jimmy White

Rumor From the Sporting News Inside Dish: Another driver change possibly in the works: Rick Mast replacing Mike Wallace in the No. 7 car. Sporting News

Charlotte: Race Results

Charlotte: Happy Hour Speeds

Rick Mast Post Qualifying Quotes from Jimmy White

Charlotte: Practice, Qualifying Order, Qualifying Results, Starting Lineup... Rick and the MWT team had to over come the odds to make the field for the 600...GREAT run!

Rick Mast Quotes from Jimmy White, Camp & Associates, Inc.  Thanks for remembering us!

Rick and the MWT team were scheduled to test at Lowes speedway Monday and Tuesday, but   have canceled those plans because Rick has been fighting a stomach bug since Richmond.

A note from Peggy about Rickmond:
At the beginning Rick's car was a little loose.  Thats why he dropped back a couple of spots before the first pitstop. They put on 4 tires and a round a wedge in and he was set for the night. He just kept going forward.  I think by them practicing the evening before they really got a good handle on what they would be up against at race time. It was really hot during the day and about 5:30 parking patrol came to the tour buses and told us there was a bad storm with severe lightening headed our  way and to tell our people to be where they could get undercover quickly. The storm went around, but the temperature did a nose-dive. So it was pretty cool went the race finally started, by-the-way what was the hold-up, we never heard but I can tell you one thing the natives were really getting restless.  Also, never noticed it on TV, but do you realize how many cars resemble Ricks? I never noticed it until I saw them upclose on the track. When Nadeau crashed I first thought it was Rick, because all I could see, after the smoke cleared was red and black but here he come puttering by.  What a relief.  Also had on my fan club shirt. Didn't see any others there. I may have been the only one, but I didn't care. I'm a RICK MAST FAN and damn proud of it.
Thanks Peggy!

Big mover: Rick Mast. The Virginia native rallied back from 38th on Lap 100 to finish 20th.  Mentioned in the Times Dispatch

Richmond Results
Good job Rick and MWT team!  20th... a decent finish and more important they got track time... and a chance to work together... congratulations everyone.

Richmond: Happy Hour

Richmond: Practice, Qualifying Order, Qualifying Results, Starting Lineup

California Results ....Good...Now that's over...Onward to Richmond!

Rick on NASCAR This Morning again!  Tune in to NASCAR This Morning tomorrow, Sunday April 29th at 10:30AM.  The full segment that Rick taped last weekend is supposed to be aired this week.  Last week's show with Rick in the infield was just a last minute extra.  From what we understand, Rick interviewed fellow drivers for the show.  With Rick's sense of humor and poise in front of a camera, it should be great!

I know it's not the same, but..... California: Practice, Qualiying Order, Qualifying Results, Starting Lineup

Regarding California: We spoke with Rick Tuesday night.  They will not be going to California.  They will concentrate on improving their aero program for Charlotte. (RMFC Members Site)

Talladega: Practice, Qualifying Results, Starting Lineup

Rick on NASCAR This Morning.....  Sharon tells me that Rick will be taping for an upcoming show this weekend.  We're not sure when it's going to air, but be sure to keep your TV's on and your eyes open!

Mast Makes Early Exit At Martinsville (The News-Gazette)

What Happened To Who...( lisa

Virginia 500 Results... What we hear from Martinsville is that the #50 had a clutch problem.  Rick ran as high 9th and had the Chevy in the top 15 all day until the problem. thanks chris m.

From The Message Board:  Hey everybody, I thought you'll might want to know some details about the race. I was there and listened to rick on the scanner. They had a good car and were fighting a little bit of a loose condition coming off the corners. Then somewhere around lap 150, rick reported that the clutch was slipping. The next pit stop, they shot the clutch with CO2 to try and cool it off. It must have helped because the next green flag run, he said it didn't slip. Then around lap 200 Rick was coming up throught the field and  broke something in the brakes and that caused him to get into Nemecheck. At the same time, it was reported that something broke in the rearend also, so that ended their day. Car looked good while it was out there.....thanks JC

Martinsville: Happy Hour Speeds

Some other NEWS from Martinsville!  We were alerted to the 1st Fan Club member sighting!  Thanks to Chris M from the Mid West Transit board for the photo.

Mast hoists a banner day (Roanoke Times) ...thanks david

Martinsville:Practice, Qualifying Results, Starting Lineup

Rick Mast/Martinsville advance... Big thank you to Jimmy White for remembering us!

Texas: Practice, Qualifying Order & Results,Starting Lineup

A word from Rockbridge Baths....  Rick's pretty sure he had a top ten car Sunday but a broken spring bracket ended his and the teams chances at Bristol... Rick and the 50 team will be testing at Kentucky on Tuesday (3/27) and Wednesday (3/28), then it's off to Texas.  According to the dyno, they should have a great motor for Texas.

Food City 500 Results

Lstew just called from Bristol.  She reported that a broken jack arm was the cause for Rick pitting early in the race and going down all those laps.  Thanks L!

Bristol Happy Hour Speeds   Rick was 29th in the MWT #50 during Happy Hour.  Faster than some of those who qualified better.  Our boys may have something for race day!

Bristol: Practice, Qualifying Results, Starting Lineup
CONGRATULATIONS Hal Hicks, Rick Mast and the entire MWT Team!  We're starting 28th!  All of the fans are very proud of you!  THANK YOU to Blair for your much needed support!

WARREN, Pa., March 16 -- Blair Corporation and Midwest Transit Racing, owner of the #50 Winston Cup Chevrolet driven by Rick Mast announced today that a portion of all sales resulting from  shoppers entering through the Midwest Transit/Rick Mast Welcome Page ( will be donated to the Carolina Foundation in honor of the late Dale Earnhardt.  This agreement will last thoughout the 2001 Winston Cup season.

Note from Chris at Blair... Any fans accessing our site and entering the promotion code MWT at checkout will receive Free H&S!   Our lead programmer is out of town this week, but I'll have him set up the page to automatically add the Free H&S code when he gets back early next week.

Headquartered in Warren, Pennsylvania, Blair Corporation sells fashion apparel for men and women and a broad range of home products, primarily through direct mail merchandising. Catalogs and letter style promotions depicting a broad array of women’s, men’s apparel and home products are mailed directly to existing and prospective customers. Blair Corporation operates facilities in Erie, Franklin and Grove City, Pennsylvania as well as Wilmington, Delaware.

03/15: Announces Sponsorship Role with Midwest Transit Racing Blair Corporation, a national catalog and direct mail marketer of women's and men's apparel and home products, today announced that its e-commerce website,, has agreed to a sponsorship role with the #50 Midwest Transit Racing Chevrolet, driven by Rick Mast. (Mid West Transit Site) Full Press Release.

What was wrong with the 50 car?  We hear the car was missing in the corners. It happened during practice, the car was checked out and a spark plug wire was changed.  Unfortunately, this didn't cure the problem.  The car was still missing in the corners during qualifying.

Atlanta : Practice : Qualifying Results : Starting line up

UWA/Daimler Chrysler 400 Results

AM Practice : Qualifying Results : Starting line up

Dura Lube 400 Results

Report From The Rock.... I just got in from the race. Rick had a piece of debris in the carb that was causing the engine to miss. They thought yesterday that it may have been electrical. That was ruled out when the miss would go away and then come back. The handling wasn't the best either, however when the car didn't have the miss in the engine he could pass some people. At one point early in the race today he went from 40 to 29.....From Andrew J.

AM Practice : Qualifying Results : Starting line up : Happy Hour

Death Hits Home For Mast (

Mast, NASCAR Morn The Loss Of Earnhardt (Lexington News Gazette)

Dale Earnhardt is gone.  What more can we say.  We are all at a loss.  Like the man or not, an icon is gone.  We pray for Dale, his family, friends and fans.

CNN is reporting that Dale Earnhardt is dead.  A winner, a champion, a decent person has left this earth.  We still can not believe that this man is gone.  Like him or not, we all feel the loss.  I know he was a friend to Rick.  We, along with the Earnhardt family and their friends, grieve today.  We are saddened not only for the loss to the racing community, but for the loss of a husband, a father and a friend.  May God bless the soul of Dale Earnhardt.  May he comfort Dale's family, friends and fans.

Our prayers are with the Earnhardt family as we wait for news on Dale's condition.  We hear from the local news that he was taken from his car unconscious and taken to Halifax hosptial.  I have heard rumors of what we all fear and pray to God that they are not true.  No matter who you cheer for or against, we have to all pull together at times like this.  Please God, watch over Dale and his family.

It's not just Racing season it's Fantasy Racing season... so come on Mast fans (you other fans are welcome to) have a little fun & see how you measure up against other fans... besides it's "FREE" thanks to! Register with sandbox... or Login and change your team.  Be sure to join the Mastfans group!!!

125 Results 1st Race / 2nd Race and Starting line up...

Wednesday Practice

Tuesday Practice

Monday Practice : 125 Starting Line ups

Qualifying Order : Saturday Practice : Qualifying Results

Speeds From Daytona..... Practice 1, Practice 2

On the move again (Roanoke Times)...

Rick's test went pretty well at Talladega, even though it was shortened due to thunderstorms.  They worked on the car and improved it.  As far as the motor situation goes, there's one at the shop that is supposed to have pretty good numbers.  If it tests on the dyno the way it should, they'll be in good shape for Daytona! Extends NASCAR Sponsorship (McClellan Motorsports Press Release)

Rick and the Hal Hicks #50 will be testing at Talladega this Sunday and Monday.  The team had hoped to test at the track this past week but Ray Evernham had it booked and wasn't ready to share time with anyone (wanna keep them speed tricks secret... huh Ray?).  Because of this the team may have to cancel next weeks test at Las Vegas.

A bit of news for those who took part in 3 Wide fantasy racing last year.  One of our own here at won!  Kenny C. finished 44th out of 85,000 in the 2nd season of 3 Wide and was awarded a sweat-shirt.  Congrats!!  We'll be gunning for you in '01!

Mast To Get Behind Wheel Of 50 Car by Doug Chase (The News-Gazette) Thanks Lisa!

Here it is a transcript from last nights chat with Rick and Sharon Mast.  Jen and I would like to thank Rick and Sharon and all the fans who stopped by last night... if it weren't for you guys we'd be just another fan page!  Thanks!!!  Enjoy!

IMPORTANT!  Chat with RICK MAST tonight at 8:00 PM!  Read the guidelines and register here.

IMPORTANT!  It's confirmed!  Chat with RICK MAST tomorrow begining at 8:00 PM!  We'll post the guidelines ASAP.  Remember, you must be a registered user to join in.  Email us with your user name, if you want to participate.

IMPORTANT!  We're in the process of scheduling an IMPORTANT CHAT SESSION with Rick Mast for this Saturday night at 8:00PM!  Please RSVP as soon as possible.  We need to confirm this by tomorrow!  If you are interested in joining us please make sure you register for our chatroom and email us with your user name.  Thank you! 

Word from Daytona... Rick was in very good spirts after todays test, and was very pleased with the gains the team made.  They were able to improve a half second on yesterdays time but, they had some motor problems and speeds/times may not reflect the improvement.  Rick said the team is planning to test at at Las Vegas and Talladega in the near future... 

Word from Daytona... Rick was pleasantly surprised with the days test even though the speeds  were down a little. 

Official : Rick will be testing the Hal Hicks Mid West Transit #50 Thursday and Friday at DIS.  BUT he still remains unsigned for the up coming season... at this time.  The team will be using Claude Queen motors during this session, Rick and Claude worked together when both were with Richard Jacksons team. 

Rick Mast will be appearing at the Winston Cup Preview!  We're not positive about the time, but my sources say he will be there between 1:30 and 3:30 PM.

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